Land Use and Development Committee


Harlan Quenzer

Don Meyers

Larry Thompson

The ultimate goal of the committee, after a thorough examination of our development history, contemporary trends and patterns, is to provide the governing bodies of the region, with a vision for a visually attractive and funtionally efficient physical landscape for those choosing to live, work, and visit our community, both today and tomorrow.

The Land Use and Development Committee has sixteen committee members, who have been meeting for two months now, on every other Friday. Spearheading the committee is Harlen Quenzer, Larry Thompson, and Don Meyers, with the valuable assisstance from Neil Putnam, the Mitchell City Planner.

To date, we have spent time organizing our plan of attack. We plan to address the four categories, (1) Downtown Area, (2) Community Improvement Areas, (3) Transportation, which encompass streets,bikepaths,airport,railroad, and utilities and infrastructure. (4) Development Use, which will address parks, industrial, residential, commercial and retail areas.

We have had presentations from the Downtown Develpment Committee, and the Downtown Historical Committee, who were represented by Lori Holmberg, Jeff Logan and Dave Brooks. At our next meeting, we plan to start accumulating information for the Corn Palace Area, to see if we can be of assisstance in a long range development of the Corn Palace District.

Larry Thompson has been a gratious host for all of our meetings on every other Friday, at noon, at Vantage Point. Anyone with input is welcome at any time, at any meeting.