Education Committee


Chris Paustian

Lori Essig

The Education Committee of Focus 2020 consists of approximately 12 members. To date, the committee has focused on gathering information from a variety of education resources. These include: Dakota Wesleyan Universtiy, Mitchell Technical Institute, the Mitchell School District and area school districts. We have yet to contact the Catholic and Christian schools in Mitchell. Additionally, we have learned about distance learning from John Heemstra and about the Communty Scholarship Fund from Julie Brookbank.

From these resources the following questions have been posed:

  1. What can education do to help education?
  2. How will the delivery of education change/evolve?
  3. How can the tie between education, workforce development and the business community be strengthened.
  4. How can the political base of Mitchell and the area be strengthened?

Emerging committee focus:
The goal of demonstrating the quality of education in Mitchell and the surrounding area has a common denominator or thread: VALUE. It permeates all of these ideas and the challenge will be to demonstrate to current and future constituencies a process to ensure that everyone is aware of this value.

The committee typically meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:00AM in the Rollins Campus Center on the DWU Campus.